Monday, September 19, 2011

Oh my goodness... has been a long time since I posted!!  I am SOOOO completely swamped...I have a To-Do list that is literally a full page long!  The problem is, there is this new little person who is just irresistible!  Here is what I was doing Sunday morning instead of prepping for my classes this week:
Me with my gorgeous little nephew Benjamin.  (Could I be any paler??  That's what happens when you spend your summer stamping instead of sun bathing!)

...and here is a close-up of the little man himself:
Is this not the second cutest child ever?  (My son, Max is, of course the cutest child who ever walked the earth...but Ben is a close second!)

As you can probably tell from the photos, Ben and his mommy are at home and are settling in quite nicely.  It sure has been a hectic first week of his life, though!  I promise to try really hard to post more consistently this week, but can't make any promises.  Life is just crazy and I'm so busy prepping for classes and keeping my family going that I haven't had time to stamp anything new.  Hang in there with me, though, this won't last forever!


  1. He's adorable! I'd want to be snuggling with him too instead of working!!! ....and you get to hand them back when they start kind of baby!

  2. I second Jamilla's comment! I've not had such a cute excuse for neglecting my blog though!
    I'll still be here(and check in often)for when your schedule clears and you can post on a more regular basis!
    Thanks for sharing all you do, Leena!


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