Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Plea

Today's post is a plea to all of my readers. I need your help.  More importantly my son and the 70+ other students who attend his wonderful school need your help.

We received the news this past Monday evening that his school, Temple Baptist Christian Academy, would be closing at the end of next week unless we, as parents, could raise $81,000.00 by June 13th.  Some parents are able to just write a cheque for their share of the shortfall, others are not that fortunate.  All of us have pledged to do whatever we possibly can to raise the funds to save the school.  That is where you all come in.  I have posted my newly retired items for sale on my Retired Stamp Yard Sale page.  There are dozens of stamp sets, dies, ink pads, markers, reinkers, punches and more for sale.  All of the proceeds from any items sold between now and June 12th will go toward the effort to save my son's school.  Please have a look at the list.  If there is something there you would like let me know, but please, please do so before June 12th.  We have to have the cash in-hand by the 13th or the doors will close forever.

This is one way that I can help is the least I can do after my son emptied his piggy bank and said "Here Mommy...will this be enough to save my school?"  Talk about a heart breaker!  He is devastated at the thought of his school closing...he loves it so much, as do we.  The staff there are simply wonderful and have loved, cared for and taught Maxwell as if he was their own.  Today we celebrated his Kindergarten graduation and we are praying it is not the last one that will ever be held at Temple.  Please consider making a purchase.  If you are able I would also invite you to make  a donation through the school's website.  There is link there to a Paypal account that has been set up by the school for this fundraising effort.

 I know this doesn't affect any of you one bit, but you could be changing the life of my son and 70+ other children as you help to save their school.  No amount is too small.  If each of my followers donated just $5 (about the price of a cup of Starbucks) we would have over $1000 toward our goal.  If were are unsuccessful and the school does, in fact, close all donations will be fully refunded.  Donations made by Canadians will be issued tax receipts.

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this post.  I will keep you updated on the progress of the fundraising effort.


  1. I guess I am a blog stacker. I look at your blog all the time, for ideas. The least I can do is donate some to your school. My kids went to Christian school too. Trust you all raise the money needed.

    1. Wanda, thank you SO much! I am beyond grateful for your generous heart. We are so encouraged by the response thus far and are praying the school will be saved. I'll let you know once the final decision has been made. Thank you, thank you again.


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