Monday, July 18, 2011

Home Again...

Well, I'm back home, safe and sound.  I had such smooth travels, unlike some of my other team members who spent a night in the Chicago airport or who had to come home to Toronto via Los Angeles!  Yikes!  Nothing dramatic for me...just smooth flights...and my luggage followed me too!
Today has been all about spending time with my son (he started swimming lessons today) and trying to get caught up around the house.  I came home to a BIG mess, which is never good!  Since I have had zero time to stamp today, I thought I'd show you some photos of some of the projects that were on display at convention.  I only photographed the ones I really liked and thought I might try to recreate at some point.  That said, there were a lot of photos!  Some turned out better than others, so I'm just posting a few of the highlights.  See what you think...
I love this litte 6 x6 scrapbook page.  So sweet!

This is a great colour combo

How I love this set from the new catty!

Love the simplicity of this card

Absolutley LOVED this card...actually the whole Beau Chateau suite display was gorgeous!

Sweet little 3 x 3 love notes

More great project ideas!

Are these not darling??

A lampshade made of die cut DSP flowers...beautiful!

Another project idea to use up all those empty embellishment containers!

LOVE that little owl!


Sorry this is blurry...there was a lot of jockeying for position going on!  I just love that embossed frame!

Another use for that same frame

And another...

Beautiful note board using Beau Chateau products
 Well, this is just a taste of the incredible projects on display at convention.  So many little time!  I so can't wait to get down to my stamping corner and play...but I have to be Mommy this week.  Maybe when I recover from my trip I'll be able to do some late-night stamping...but then again, I first have to clean up and organize my space!  One of these days I'll have something new to show you...hang in with me...I'll get there!

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