Thursday, June 21, 2012

XL Poppies

One of my favourite new stamps from the new Annual Catalogue is the Pleasant Poppies background stamp.  The image is beautiful and so versatile and so...BIG!  When I had to design more over-sized cards for staff farewells I turned to that gorgeous image...and here's the result:

Over-sized Farewell card featuring the Pleasant Poppies background stamp and sentiment from Loving Thoughts

Same card, different colours
I have to say that once I came up with this design it was quick and easy to put together the four cards I needed.  Though the image on each card is heat embossed in black,  I did each one in a different colour scheme so no one would feel like they were getting the exact same as someone else.  I don't really  know any of the four ladies these cards are for, so it was difficult to come up with a unique design for each one.   On a staff of over 60 it is hard to get to know everyone, especially since most of them have only been at our school for less than a year.  I happily delivered the finished cards last Monday, thrilled to be finished with over-sized cards for a while!

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