Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mommy and Me Class Preview #2: A Tooth Safe!

What the heck is a tooth safe, you ask?  It is a special place for little ones to put their lost teeth as they await a visit from the Tooth Fairy, of course!  (It is also where the magical lady herself can leave the cash in exchange for the tooth!)  I've done a girl version and a boy version...

FINALLY...a use for all those empty brad and button containers!

A soft spot inside for those special teeth!

One for the boys!

Why is the Tooth Fairy always depicted as female???
This cute little project is the second part of my Mommy and Me class coming up in May.  For details about the class click on the Upcoming Events tab at the top of this page.  To register, call or email by May 9th.

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