Wednesday, September 14, 2011


What a week this has been..and its only Wednesday!  First of all, let me announce that my new nephew arrived safe and sound on Monday night.  His name is Benjamin Rudy Bruckner and we weighed in at a whopping NINE pounds!!  He is one little poor SIL is completely done in!  For you moms out there, think about this:  his head circumference was 31 cm (that 12 inches for our US friends)!!!  I've never seen such a perfectly round melon on a baby!  Both mommy and baby are doing well and are heading home from the hospital tomorrow...which will make my life even busier! 
Tonight I have a quick Thanksgiving card for you...have a look:
Thank you card using Day of Gratitude set.

Inside of card
This card is another one that used a bunch of odds and ends from my desk.  I tend not to clean up very often, so there is usually a lot laying around.  The weave is just a bunch of scrap strips I had and thought I'd try making use of.  I don't have time to give you a how-to, so if you need instructions, send me an email and I'll help you out.  Right now I'm being summoned by my four-year-old to come and sleep with him...AGAIN!!  I'll try to post tomorrow, but don't know if I'll be home...things may be a little hit and miss for a while.  I hope you'll hang in there with me!

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