Monday, September 12, 2011

Its Labour Day!

I know, the holiday was last week, but my SIL is actually IN labour!!!  As I type this, my brother' wife is working on bringing my new neice or nephew into the world!  SOOOO exciting!  We don't know whether its a boy or girl...they wouldn't even give us a hint on names, so the suspense is KILLING us!!  She's well past 12 hours of labour at this point, so it should be soon (at least I hope so for her sake!).
Today's post will be a quickie.  Yesterday I was working on items for the display for my booth at the Rockton Fair in October. Here is one of the things I came up with:

Bowl of paper pumpkins made using Spice Cake DSP from the Holiday Mini.

Tag uses sentiment from Fabulous Phrases
I saw lots of these little pumpkins last year around this time but never actually tried to make some myself.  I decided to include some in my fair display and am glad I did...they're REALLY easy to make!  Here's the how-to:
For the large pumpkins start with 6 1"x12" strips of DSP.  Punch holes in the centre and at either end of each strip.  Using a large-headed brad, push the prongs of the brad through the holes in the middle of each strip.  Fan strips out evenly.  Then, taking a second brad, poke the prongs through each hole in the ends of the strips, forming a sphere.  Open the brad to hold it in place.  Add a bit of ribbon and/or a die cut leaf and you're done!  How easy is that?!?
Now I need to get back to my pacing...

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  1. These are terrific Leena! I am so in love with this paper anyway, but these are really cute and will make a great addition to your display!


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