Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!  I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful day with friends and family...and lots of chocolate!  We have had the PERFECT Easter weekend around here!  Before I tell you all about that, let me show you some cute little treat holders I put together for Max's pre-school Easter party last week...

Easter treat holders using receycled embellishment containers (I have about a million of those!) and featuring the Everybunny stamp set.
I have been looking for a way to use up some of the millions of empty embellishment containers I have kicking around my craft room.  This little project was the perfect solution!  Since I had to make 12 of them, I kept them pretty simple.  They were a hit with the pre-school crowd!

Now on to the rest of the weekend.  Yesterday was Max's Angry Birds birthday party...what a hoot that was!  I mentioned on Friday that I had made most of the decorations for the party, as there really isn't much out there to buy.  Here are some photos of the various projects...

Loot bags and party hats

Close up of Yellow bird (Max's fav)

...and a King Pig (my fav)

Fun, huh?  All of the above were made using a free PDF of the faces I found online HERE.  I just printed them off in varying sizes for the different items (full page for the balloons, quarter page for the bags and hats).  I used Stampin' Up Big Shot Multi-purpose adhsive sheets to adhere the faces...made it really easy and those bird parts STAYED PUT!  The best part of all of it is that because the characters all use basic primary colours, I was able to purchase all of the supplies at our local dollar store!  Yippee...saved a ton of money there!
Now the cake, on the other hand, was anything BUT easy!  It took me two weekends to make...last weekend I made all the little characters out of almond paste (marzipan) and then this weekend I put it all together.  Here are some photos of what took hours to create and mere seconds to destroy...

Angry Birds version!

The piggies...

...and the birds.  (no, those aren't hotdogs on the cake...they're almond paste logs!)

All the kids loved the decorations and had fun at the party.  I can't say enough about Playfit Kids Club, here in Cambridge.  They are great to work with and it is the easiest, no muss, no fuss party ever!  My final photo is of the birthday sweet, FIVE-YEAR-OLD Maxwell...

Happy birthday Maxwell!

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  1. I'm sure Max will remember this birthday for years to come!! I'm surprised at what my daughters remember from this age, but it's all the little things....

    Great job on the party favours, Leena!

    Love the idea for the leftover embellie containers!!! Go green! Will have to try that with my club members this month! Thanks for the idea.



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