Saturday, December 22, 2012

You missed me?

 I'm still here and I'm ok!  I've had several emails from my faithful reader asking if everything is ok because it has been so long since my last post.  First of all, let me say thanks for worrying about me!  I am ok...just crazy busy with the last week of school and getting ready for Christmas.  Last weekend I baked 20 dozen cookies and squares to give away as gifts and then had to actually start my Christmas shopping!!  This week has been a blur of baking cupcakes for Christmas parties, attending school concerts and running around picking up last minute supplies.  On top of that, my son has come down with a double ear infection...just in time to fly to Disney on the 29th!  Here's hoping the anitbiotics he's taking work fast! I haven't been down to my stamp room AT ALL!!  I have a whole box of Spring Catty goodies waiting to be played with and haven't had a spare second to even put it all away yet!  That said, I know this is an incredibly busy time for everyone, so I'm not complaining.  In fact, I am so thankful that I have a wonderful family and am blessed with the means to provide a holiday filled with surprises and treats to delight them all.  The events of the past week have really brought home the importance of hugging my loved ones each and every day and not sweating the small stuff.
Sooo...I do have one little project for you.  This little guy is not my own design, I totally CASE'd it from fellow demonstrator Melissa Davies.  I did this as one of the make-n-takes at my team meeting this month and my son loved it so much he asked me to make one for each of his 17 classmates!  Thankfully this is a REALLY easy one to put together.  Have a look:

Rudolph Tealight Ornament

Here he is lit!

 This guy is SO easy to put together. Thank goodness, or I never would have had time to get 17 of them made for my son's class!  I did have to make a couple of changes from Melissa's design...adding the "chin" because my tealights were a touch too big and were peeking out at the bottomw of Rudy's face!  I also wanted a bit of contrast for the antlers, so I chose to do them in Crumb Cake instead of Chocolate Chip.  The final change I made was the way I coloured the "flame".  Melissa used Dazzling Details, but the drying time on that was too long for my needs, so I simply coloured the flame with a red sharpie.  Quick and easy!

I will do my best to get some projects done to show you this promises though...I still have to finish my Christmas shopping...and then there's the wrapping!!

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  1. Have a wonderful trip to Disney! It's magical when you have children to watch it through their eyes! Forget everything back home and ENJOY!


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