Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Little Americana

Many of you likely know I am Canadian, but today I have a project that is truly American.  It is the latest offering from Craft Project Central...

Patriotic Wreath designed by Heidi King

This blossom patriotic wreath is perfect decor for the summer!  Put it on your door or add it to the wall! A great gift for that 4th of July BBQ!  I plan to omit the blue and make one in honour of Canada Day, which we celebrate July 1st.  Change up the colors and theme and you have a beautiful wreath and matching card for any occasion any time of the year! I can't wait until school is finished and I have time to make one of these!  To access the tutorial for this project visit Craft Project Central and subscribe to June. 
I am furiously marking exams and grading papers, trying to finish up before the end of next week.  I have had no time to stamp, but I am dreaming of convention swaps, which I will be sure to share with you soon.  Hang in's almost out for the summer...then its stampin' time!!

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