Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy First Day of School!

Well...some people are happy about it anyway...don't get me wrong...I love my job, I just miss the freedom to play with ink and paper that I have in the summer.  During the school year my papercrafting has to take a backseat to reports cards, marking and band practices.  Ah well...just another 10 months to go before I'm free again!
In the meantime, today's post features some cute little projects I made for my department colleagues to welcome them back from summer vacation.

Owl punch pencil holders for my department.
Close up of the cute little owl made with the XL 2-step Owl punch
Note pad and pencil holder for my teaching partner.  The 2 owls represent the stunned looks the two of us will have all day today!
Aren't these just adorable?!?  I LOVE both the Owl punch and the Playdate designer series paper.  The punch is amazingly versatile, especially if you are into creating various punch art.  The variety of shapes it produces are really diverse.  The Playdate paper is just fantastic.  Not only are there cute kid-friendly patterns, but the reverse side of most designs are simple, single-colour patterns.  The red and green in the owls' vests are great examples, as is the background paper in the note pad photos.

I am working on a tutorial for the notepad holder and the pencil holder.  I will post here with a link to the tutorial once I have it finished.  I just couldn't resist posting the photos now...I just love these little owls!

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  1. Excellent Idea! How did your colleagues react???

    Gotta love that owl punch!!!


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