Sunday, September 9, 2012

Toxic Decor

Happy Sunday everyone!  I hope  you are enjoying a restful weekend.  I spent some of my most frustrating time ever in my stamping corner yesterday!  I simply could not come up with anything presentable!  I  wasted ridiculous amounts of card stock and paper and finally my husband suggested I give up for the day and try again tomorrow.  Don't you hate when you have a creative block?!?  I tried all of my usual mojo-moving tricks but nothing was working.  I sure hope today is a better day because I have a lot to get done!
Since I couldn't design anything yesterday I haven't anything new to show you today, but I do get to show you this cool project from Julie Beltramo, my fellow designer at Craft Project Central.  Check it out:

Toxic Treats Decor Gift Set designed by Julie Beltramo
 I just love that little pumpkin treat box!  Going to have to make a few of those myself!  To access the tutorial for Julie's design, head over to Craft Project Central and subscribe to September.  You'll receive ten full-colour tutorials, that you'll be able to access for a full year, for just $10.  What a deal!  Also, during the month of September, book a class or workshop with me and I'll give you a month's subscription FREE!  That's right, my hostess bonus this month is a free month's subscription to CPC.  Call or email today to book your September event!

1 comment:

  1. I hate those creative blocks! Hopefully you'll get your mojo back soon. Great CPC project. Those pumpkins are adorable.


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