Monday, November 28, 2011


Wow!  I just realized there are now 200 of you out there in cyberspace following my little blog!  That  absolutely blows be away...that there would be that many people interested in what I create.  Kinda humbling...and it makes me even more determined to do a better job of posting regularly.  I owe it to all of you, so I hereby pledge to make my blog worthy of your time and attention.  The good news is that I am nearing the end of my crazy schedule of holiday classes and workshops.  Hopefully within the next couple of weeks, in the midst of the chaos of preparing for Christmas, I will get some time to just stamp for fun...I miss that!  I SO can't wait for my pre-order for the Occasions Mini...I have so many ideas for how to put the fabulous new products to use!  But more on that I have a really simple Christmas card for you.  This is one we are doing at my LAST Stamp-A-Stack of the season this coming Sunday...

CAS Holiday card using the Easy Events stamp set
I told you it was simple!  I know its not really my style, but I needed something that would come together quickly and this one really does.  The only thing that takes any time at all is colouring in the image with old olive and real red markers.  The rest is quick and easy.  I'm not sure why I didn't photograph the inside of this one...there is a little more colouring inside and a festive sentiment.  I'm also not sure why the photo is so dark...something didn't work properly, apparently!  One little tip I have for you is that whenever I have stamps that have both an image and a sentiment on them, I cut the sentiment off so that I can use them separately without having to use markers to ink only a portion of the stamp.  In this example, I cut the sentiment off, stamped the image without the sentiment first and then stamped the sentiment afterwards.  It allowed me to space the image and sentiment out more than if I had left the stamp intact.  This trick works really well with clear mount stamps, as it is very easy to put the stamp back together again if you ever desire.  I have found that doing this really adds to the versatility of my stamps. 

Ok...I am off to bed...tired out after a day of teaching high school and a monthly class tonight as well as prepping for another class tomorrow evening!  Have a great week, everybody!

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