Thursday, January 6, 2011

A day I will never forget...but wish I could

Today we buried my nephew, Angelo Buccieri.  Born 19 weeks too soon and too little to survive he died on New Year's Eve.  Today I watched as a tiny white coffin was lowered into frozen earth.  A tiny baby, who never took his first breath, laid to rest on a cold January morning.  He is buried with his maternal grandparents...a small comfort for his mother to think he is resting in the arms of his grandmother.  My heart broke for his parents as they had to leave their little one alone in the cold, not understanding what happened or why. 
Rest in peace, baby Angelo, you were so loved by so many.  May we finally meet one day...

1 comment:

  1. Oh sweetheart. That must have been so though to watch your family suffer like that and not knowing how to help. I can only imagine. There are no answers to this kind of 'cruelty' that happens on this earth. I am so sad with you.

    I hope and pray that they will be comforted in these hard hard times of their huge loss.

    Inky hugs, Pauline


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