Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I am exhausted!  This past weekend I was in mass-production mode, cranking out Tootsie Pop flowers for an event I am involved in.  What event?  I am participataing in the Flamborough Baptist Church Mom-Mom sale on Saturday, March 2nd.  Part of the event is that the first 200 attendees receive a grab bag full of goodies.  Enter my bright idea to give everyone a Tootsie Pop flower with my contact info attached to it!  Have a look:

A whole lotta Tootsie Pop flowers...200 to be exact!

A Tootsie Bouquet!
A solitary bloom
To make these pretty blooms I used the three smallest-sized flowers on my Flower Folds Bigz XL die, embossing the smallest one with my Perfect Polka Dots TIEF.  Then it was literally just a matter of sticking the stick of the Tootsie Pop through the centre of each flower.  That's it!  Not terribly tough, but an awful lot of cranking that Big Shot handle to make 200 of them!!  In addition to the stamped tag, each flower has a sticker on the stem with all of my contact info on it.  I'm hoping these will be a hit and generate some interest in my table.  I'm going to be  selling off a ton of retired product, both new and used, as well as promoting my classes and events.  If you're free and in the area, stop by and say hi!


  1. Super cute! That's alot of work, but what a great idea! Sure way to catch people's attention.

  2. OMG!!!!! Leesa, you are awesome! These are so cute! I'm definately gonna do these. What a lot of work!! No wonder youre tired. :)

  3. These look AWESOME Leena! If I wasn't already, these would definitely make me want to stamp with you. :)

  4. These are incredibly cute!! I am going to have to case these :) Best wishes at your event - I think these will be a hit!


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